Tuesday, March 4, 2014

HI! It's Been Awhile!!

September 27, 2013! Yes, that is the last time I blogged. You know it's been a while when your own father in law comments on how long it has been since I last put up a new blog. Ever since we got back from the beach last fall, it has been a race to survive everyday while completing my list of 'to do's' and just keeping sane!!

SO MUCH has been going on with A Webb of Four!

Where do I begin..... instead of boring you with words and many run on sentences, how about I just do a monthly catch up through pictures. I apologize in advance if you follow me on Instagram, for many of these pictures are from there. So....let the catch up begin!!

September...Cant' wait to do Stone Harbor again this fall!

OCTOBER...Halloween and my annual girl's trip to Vieques!

NOVEMBER...Thanksgiving in Wilmington, NC and the return of Present, our Elf!
South Port, NC

DECEMBER....What a busy month!! It was a mad rush to prep for the holidays, but we did it and we even ended with celebrating Carter turning the BIG 5 on December 26th!!

JANUARY...We were pretty much snowed/iced in this whole month.  We found creative ways to keep busy, stay active, and try to not go crazy!! 

We also had the amazing experience of hosting a student from China for 2 weeks.  Even though Martin was only with us for 2 weeks before he moved on to a more permanent family, he willn always hold a special place in our hearts.  Carter STILL asks about him often! 

PA Farm Show!

Martin at the Farm Show! 

FEBRUARY....Another cold and snowy month! We had a lot of lazy PJ days, which I didn't mind that much!

BUT, I did get to end the month in warm SOUTH BEACH on an Academic Year in America incentive trip that I earned for placing a set number of exchange students last year!!! A perfect way to end a cold and snowy February.  Let's pray for spring to arrive soon!

So, that has been my fall and winter!! See, I have only been away for 2 seasons!

I have a whole notebook of blog topics that I have been jotting down while away, so I am hoping to make up for lost time over the next couple months.  I am looking forward to getting some writing in and I will try my hardest to not stay away too long!

Friday, September 27, 2013

5 on Friday

I'm a little late in the day, but since this is one of my favorite link-ups, I just do not care.  Better late than never. Happy Friday everyone!

I am obsessed with the beach in September.  It's not crowded, the weather is not too hot or too cold, it's not crowded, and houses are way less expensive to rent!  Did I mention it isn't crowded?! We just recently got back from an amazing week in Stone Harbor with Jason's dad.  As a Christmas gift, he rents a house for a week and invites family down to join him. This was our third September in a row going down, and I think this was the best trip so far!  The kids slept well, ate well, LOVED the beach in the mornings but loved the lazy afternoons playing in the pool, and we even managed a civilized dinner out with the kids. Overall, it was a week that will not be forgotten.
I am still uploading and putting all of the pictures from the week together.
Here is a rare family picture of "A Webb Of Four"
It's Fall Ya'll!!  I love that saying. :) I am loving the cool weather and being able to bust out warm weather clothes.  Have you checked out The Gap lately? They have super cute blazers and sweatshirt tops.  They also pretty much are always having a sale, which I love.  Who buys things full price anymore....NOT ME! Here are some of my fall favorites that you may see on me this season or just sitting in my online cart wishing it was in my closet.

1969 camo front-zip always skinny jeans

Ponte Academy Blazer

Beaded Dot Sweatshirt!

Everyone needs some animal print shoes!

The next two items are related.  Since having Grady, I have been loosing a ton of hair.  It's crazy scary how much has been coming out.  Jason refers to seeing gerbils in our shower drain!!  I have even lost sections of my eye lashes, if that helps you image how out of whack my hormones are.  I have been on the hunt for products that can help with hair regrowth.  I have found several products, but they are expensive or really just don't work.  I just can't justify spending $40 on a bottle of shampoo. I have tried only using a comb when my hair is wet.  I also tried not wearing my hair in a pony tail or up, thinking that the hair bands had something to do with the hair lose.  Nothing really matter.  Recently, ULTA had a sale on some products that caught my attention.  Not Your Mother's brand of hair products.....

This hair set doesn't help grow hair, but it does strengthen hair.  It's affordable, and I keep telling myself that it is working. I am on my second purchase of the set, so I give it two thumbs up.  :)

As I mentioned above, my eye lashes have even been falling out. I have light colored lashes to begin with, so having sections missing doesn't help. I, again, went to ULTA for some help.  Again, I did not really want to pay $50 for some fancy serum.  The girls there were SO SWEET. They suggested Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara.  I guess it's something about the clay that helps with strength, AND it is only $19.  A little more than my $5 Maybelline, but I will deal. 

I really like how it feels on my eyelashes.  I will say that it does feel heavy on my lids right when I put it on, but after it dries I can't feel it.  It is easy to wash off, which is another thing I like.  When I was wearing waterproof mascara, I think that only made my eyelashes worse when trying to remove the makeup. No problems now! FYI-this does not come in waterproof and only comes in black. 

And last but not least.......who is ready for REVENGE on Sunday night!!??  I cannot wait!

Have a great weekend!!! 

Friday, September 6, 2013

A tribute to Pop Pop and vacation!

My dad shared this YouTube video with me last week. One of the local legends from my Pop Pop's generation passed away recently and this was a tribute to him.  Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my Pop Pop passing away, so I hope he knows I am thinking of him and missing him tons!

The song has a very catchy tune, which I might be singing to myself the whole way down to Stone Harbor tomorrow!!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

So what!

Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement and advice concerning my last post.  I really appreciate it.  I feel a little better knowing Carter isn't alone in this. 

As I write this, I am watching Carter bounce from yard to yard playing with friends outside.  I often call Carter a yard hopper.  He just goes from one friend to the next while he is playing outside.  He will invite kids over to play when he doesn't even know who they are.  If someone is out walking and happens to pass by our house, then they are invited to play by Carter.  He is friends with everyone and anyone.  No matter your shape or color, he is accepting of you.  I will take that trait over pooping on the potty any day!

I am slowly coming to peace with the fact that Carter is stubborn and will poop on the darn potty when he wants.  He knows that he is supposed to poop on the potty and that mommy and daddy want him to do that.  I consider my job done.  So what if he doesn't do it right now.  All I know is that my son is outside being friendly and is accepting of people.  He says hi to EVERYONE he passes, and takes it personaly if someone doesn't say HI to him. He shares his toys with others and will often empty out our fridge by offering all of the neighbor kids juice boxes. I sometimes thinks that is how he lures people over to play with him, by offering them a juice box!  Juice box or not, he has a good heart.  He is kind and loving.  If someone falls when playing soccer, he runs up to them to make sure they are okay.  If he hears a friend crying, he will check on them.  He is social with adults.  He takes interest in what people are doing and offers to help, even if they don't ask him for his help!! 

These are all things that make J Carter Webb who he is.  As his mother, I will take his couple flaws, even if they do relate to poop, and be proud for the traits he does excel in.  For now, I will sit back quietly and let him work out his bathroom issue. He'll figure it out.  So what! Hopefully he will be remembered as the overly social 4 year old who gives out juice boxes to everyone instead of the 4 year old who wouldn't poop on the potty!